20. World's Smallest Waist

You might have seen this picture a lot. Known as a freak of the corset, Cathie Jung's waist is 15 inches.

19. World's Smallest House

The most amazing concept for a youngster. The house is great and very very small

18. World's Smallest Girl

Jyoti Amge, 14 is the smallest human being (not just the smallest girl) in the world. She weighs about 11lbs and stands at 1 ft and 11 inches.

17. World's Smallest City

Technically, not really a city but rated as the smallest city so there you go. Vatican

16. World's Smallest Baby

15. World's Smallest Robot

A very interesting robot which can/will be used to do things we can't. Mainly coz we are too damn big. You can fit 200 hundred of these on one finger tip.

14. World's Smallest Snowman

Scientists made this snowman just for fun. It measures 0.01 mm across, with a nose just 0.001 mm wide. That is SMALL!

13. World's Smallest Four Cylinder Engine

George Luhrs, is the genius behind the invention. The engine took him 600 hours to build but the hard work paid off when he received awards for this.

12. World's Smallest Fish

7.9mm mm long, this fish is something you can inhale by mistake.

11. World's Smallest Dog

Elwood is 3 and a half inches tall, 6 inches long and weight less than half a kilo.

10. World's Smallest Website
okay if the mods will make one exception and allow me to post this...
I think this is a joke but worth mentioning, nonetheless.

9. World's Smallest Horse

The horse is absolutely adorable. Weighs 6 pounds and is about 14 inches tall.

8. World's Smallest Lizard

Picture worth a thousand words. Don't worry, it is not photoshopped.

7. World's Smallest Helicopter

The GEN H-4 from Gene corporation - Japan is the world's smallest helicopter. It carried only one person and costs more about $32,500.

6. World's Smallest Museum

The world's smallest museum is located in Arizona showcasing the 'artifacts of ordinary life'.

5. World's Smallest Man

Mr. Hernandez was crowned the new title of the smallest man in the world in the Guinness Book of World Records 2011. He currently stands at 70.6cms - 2 feet 3.46 inches.

4. World's Smallest Chameleon

I think the picture says more than whatever we write here.

3. World's Smallest Cat

The cat is extremely small and weights about 3lbs. She is fed 4 times a day in order to maintain her weight.

2. World's Smallest Camera

Taiwanese electronics have released the world's smallest camera measuring 4.4mm in diameter and 15mm in length

1. World's Smallest BRAIN

I am quite sure no one will disagree with this one.

Tip of the day: Size does not matt
er. You can even become the President with the world's smallest brain.