A Delhi-Bangalore Kingfisher airlines flight, IT 420/AirBus 320, carrying 150 people including 8 crew members, made an emergency landing in Nagpur after almost all the passengers started complaining of extreme nausea and air sickness. The problems surfaced 25 minutes after take-off when SRK’s new movie, Ra.One, began to be shown during in-flight entertainment. Alarmed at the prospect of having to suffer the movie for the rest of the flight, many passengers began to complain of head-ache and giddiness. Shit hit the fan just after the movie’s curd-spaghetti scene when oxygen masks dropped down from the overhead cabins and passengers ran helter skelter in the aisles shrieking at the top of their voices. One of the passengers, B Narayanan, a consultant with KPMG, who had had the misfortune of seeing the first half of Ra.One in a multiplex the previous day before walking out during interval, even attempted open the emergency window in order to jump out before the crew managed to restrain him from pursuing such a suicidal course of action.

“Clearly, there was no way we could have continued with the flight considering the mental state of the passengers. So I immediately informed air-traffic control at Nagpur airport that we needed to make an emergency landing,” disclosed chief pilot, Thomas Jacob. One of the crew members of the ill-fated flight, 24 year old Bhavna Pandey, termed it the scariest flying experience of her career as an air-hostess. “I have never seen passengers get so jumpy before, ya. It was like one of the engines had shut off and the plane was out of control. I tried assuring the passengers that it’s just a movie and we’ll soon be landing in Bangalore, but in vain,” recalled Ms. Pandey, who appeared visibly shaken. “The prospect of having to suffer Ra.One for the remainder of the journey without even having the option to walk out made me lose my marbles,” recalled one of the passengers, Sumit Joshi, a Bangalore based IT engineer, who will now take a bus to proceed to his destination.

Reports of people getting hospitalized for trauma, hallucinations and other symptoms of mental destabilization after watching Ra.One are pouring in from all over the country, as well. Union Health Minister Ghulam Nabi Azad said his Ministry is closely monitoring the situation and that there is no need to panic. “Our hospitals have adquate stock of pain-killers to treat people who have watched Ra-one. We have also issued a health advisory urging residents to avoid the movie unless they are mentally strong or driven by desperation to catch Kareena’s hemline in the movie,” said Mr. Azad, who himself reportedly underwent some precautionary checks at AIIMS after watching Ra.One the day after Diwali.

When attempted to reach King Khan for a comment, a spokesperson informed us that the star was unavailable as he was busy dancing at Gautam Gambhir’s wedding in his G.One suit.