April 8,2009

Mumbai: The worst nightmare of a beautiful lady is to wake up one fine day and find herself old and haggard.

Same goes for gorgeous Aishwarya Rai, who is becoming insecure with age and time. Few years back, the lady ruled supremely and was admired for her flawless beauty. But now she needs her powder and rouge to look beautiful. Recently, the lady had a face-off with director Mani Ratnam over her make-up.

According to sources, director Mani Ratnam asked Aishwarya to put no make-up for her look in the second half of the film ‘Raavan’. But Mrs Jr Bachchan refused to do so. The no make-up look was in accordance to the demand of the story, wherein, Abhishek’s character abducts her and Ash’s character undergoes a major transformation.

A source told to a news daily, “Mani wants to showcase her character without make-up in the second half. He believes that since she’s separated from her husband, the raw look is important to express the loss and pain she’s going through.”

But what the Bachchan bahu would do is to sneak-out and return with basic make-up. “There were times when Ash would sneak and put basic make-up and only then, do the shot. Mani would spot the slightest sliver of make-up and would ask her to go back and remove it,” said the source.

The source further said that neither Aishwarya nor Mani Ratnam would back out on this issue. Aishwarya believed that basic make-up will not make much of a difference but Mani Ratnam did not agree.

Evidently, Aishwarya does not want to appear onscreen without make-up as more than her acting skills, her age would show.