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Thread: Hrithik used over 600 masks for Krrish 3

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    Default Hrithik used over 600 masks for Krrish 3

    Hrithik Roshan, who reprises his role as the superhero in 'Krrish 3', has used a lot more masks in his upcoming movie than he did in the last instalment. We're told that the masks were made from a special kind of wax and required a different kind of glue for the actor to stick them on his face.

    Interestingly, about 600 to 700 such masks were made for the movie - each costing over `8,000 to make with the actor using at least five a day. There was also a separate air-conditioned van for storing them during the shoot.

    Producer-director Rakesh Roshan reveals, "Hrithik will be seen more extensively as 'Krrish' in this film. And due to the hot climate in Hyderabad, where a major portion of the film was shot, the masks would start melting after a while. As a result, he had to use more masks than he did in the last film."

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    Default Re: Hrithik used over 600 masks for Krrish 3

    He is the actor with such dedication for the character.. all the best for Krish3

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