6 April, 2009

She has just returned from her month-long honeymoon and Ayesha Takia is still glowing with pride, joy and excitement . “We went all over Europe for our honeymoon. Farhan knows London well because he studied there. We relaxed, walked the streets, went into cosy cafes. Now we’re back in the heat of Mumbai,” says Ayesha.

So how is she finding life after marriage? “Honestly I can’t see the difference between before and after the wedding. My husband Farhan Azmi has been an integral part of my family for five years now. I’ve no close friends. For me, my mom and sister are the closest people in my life.”

Even now Ayesha and her husband spend more time with Ayesha’s family than with Farhan’s. “That hasn’t changed. I was without my mom and sister for a month. Now again we’re together doing what we always did, chatting, joking, and having fun while mom cooks for all of us. Since Farhan has been part of my family I can’t remember what my life was like before him.”

After being in a relationship for a long time has marriage to him made Ayesha feel any different? “Everybody keeps asking how it feels. It feels exactly the same as it did before. Farhan and I felt so married all along. Now that the wedding has actually happened we keep looking at each other and wondering if we’re really married. We’re trying to behave differently now, acting very mature and responsible, but it isn’t working. The only time we feel married is when we see one another’s wedding rings.”

The good part about being married to a restaurateur was, she said, “I married him because I can’t cook. It was a grand plan, to marry a man, who can get me all the food at home without paying for it.” she jokes. However, she immediately adds she is being careful about her weight. “I know people tend to put on weight after marriage. So I’m being very careful about my diet and going to the gym.”

Her latest film 8×10 Tasveer released just when she returned from her honeymoon and before asking for her reaction she in turn asked, “I haven’t seen it yet. Is it good? I’m excited about being credited for the first time as ‘Ayesha Takia Azmi’.”

Ayesha will soon begin to shoot for her next film, Revathy Sharma’s Phir Tum Mil Gaye. “I’m relaxing in Mumbai for a week to let the fact that I’m married sink in. Then I start shooting for Revathy’s film. It’s about three women, and I’ve always wanted to work with Jayaji (Jaya Bachchan). I’m really looking forward to it because it’s a woman-oriented subject, in fact it’s the director’s own life-story. The minute the director narrated the script I knew this was the first film I wanted to do after my marriage.”