5 Apr, 2009

Mumbai: Looks like Katrina Kaif isn’t bothered even a wee bit about Salman Khan after apparently drifting away from him. Kaif, who is known to be politically correct, hasn’t even given a clarification on rumours indicative of her supposed break-up with onetime beau Salman Khan. On the contrary, she has become more appreciative of anyone but Salman off late.

In a recent interview to a news daily, Katrina exclaimed, “Salman is unpredictable, while Shah Rukh is intelligent, and Akshay is a blast.”

While taking a dig at Salman she said, “Salman always does things that he feels right and only he knows why he feels that particular thing is right…you can’t track his mood. As for me, I really don’t get into those things nor spend too much time trying to understand him because the entire process is too lengthy and complicated.”

All we can say is that well done ma’am. We have been waiting since long for someone to do psychoanalysis on Salman!