Sat, Apr 04, 2009

‘Blue’ director Anthony D'Souza appears a lot impressed with John Abraham . He’s vowed to have the actor in his second film after Blue .

Tony (as D’Souza is fondly called) wanted to have John in ‘Blue’ but the actor had no dates to spare. So the director opted for Zayed Khan , who may not have the looks or the butt of John, but is not a bad choice in a film where limelight is going to be hogged by two other big stars anyway.

But for his next film, another thriller like ‘Blue’, but on land and not under water, Tony wants John for sure. Otherwise, he says, he won’t make the movie.

“It's a heist film with cool guys riding the coolest cars and bikes and cooler locations,” Tony is quoted by a Mumbai tabloid.

Tony says the movie would be high on fun quotient and there would be no gory violence, no killings, no poverty etc. But a slick thriller about a bunch of cool guys pulling off an almost impossible heist just by using their brainpower.

John is apparently not unaware of Tony’s wishes to cast him. But it’s not clear whether he’s given his final nod.

Tony is presently occupied with ‘Blue’ and will only start the next film by the end of this year. Well, John has a lot of time to make up his mind.