Sat, Apr 04, 2009

Together they make a pretty picture, Preity Zinta and Ness Wadia. However, cracks seem to be appearing in this picture-perfect romance.

Remember the last yearís IPL? Preity and Ness were inseparable in the days leading up to the tournament and during the IPL itself. Or donít you remember the many parties and social dos the couple has attended hand-in-hand, always open about their PDA.

That looks like a distant past today. The chemistry between Preity and her beau seems to be going thanda with every passing day. For instance, Preity was seen without Ness at the Filmfare Awards. He was also missing by her side at the Lakme Fashion Week.

The two were, however, together at the IPL press conference but that was because they had to be. The duo is co-owners of Kings XI Punjab team, so they apparently came together for professional than personal reasons. On top of it, the crackling chemistry of yore was missing between Preity and Ness. They appeared more formal than we have seen them in the past.

To assume that love between Preity and Ness has wisped out would be jumping the gun. But the romantic affair does seem to be on the rocks.