If cricket is a no-nonsense sport for Badshah Khan, so is cheerleading.

For all those people who think cheerleading is a vulgar act, Knights and Angels was SRK’s answer to them. Supporting the sport, SRK says, “Knights and Angels is not a part of the marketing strategy for my cricket team. It is an extension of my belief in spreading the awareness of sports in India. Cheerleading is a big sport in America and cheerleaders have their own fan following.

As the controversy hit our nation last year regarding this new sport, I decided to add respectability to a profession which can create great opportunities for the youth brigade.” When somebody asked King Khan how he was managing to shoot for the finale despite being in pain because of the shoulder injury, pat came the witty reply from the Baadshah, “Iss saal sabko haraane ke liye meri team ka ek hi haat kaafi hai.” King Khan, all we can say is hats off for promoting and glamourising sports in our country. Tune in to Knights and Angels tonight at 9 pm only on NDTV Imagine.