Salman Khan and his lovely girlfriend Katrina Kaif haven’t had the most stable of relationships. It seems like there’s always something that’s just not quite right with those two. The on again and off again way that Salman Khan and Katrina Kaif handle things seems the norm for them these days. But would we really have it any other way? That’s why just as the news of the couple calling it quits came through, it wasn’t surprising to see them together at public events. In fact the relationship is like a drug addiction. It’s like how a smoker would talk about kicking the habit. They’re clean for three weeks and the next thing you know they have a cigarette dangling from their lips. The couple should just get over it and admit that in some weird way; they’re made for one another. Their relationship antics at least make for some good juicy gossip (because their movies don’t garner press anymore), since their careers are questionable at best.

Katrina Kaif’s debut in Bollywood was admittedly pretty much a dud in the box office. To be honest it’s not like this is her first and only dud. As far as box office atom bombs we have ‘Humko Deewana Kar Gaye’ and ‘Yuuvraaj. This however, was okay when it seemed like Salman Khan was at the peak of his success. At the time Salman Khan was her knight in shining armor when all she had was good looks and a crazy accent that we still can’t place the origin of.

Now Katrina Kaif (known as ‘Bollywood Barbie’ to you-thank you very much) is sticking by her man (cough *meal ticket*). She is reportedly telling people that he is an icon and will always be iconic whether his films are successful or not. We think that’s, uh, very sweet. After all, if he can stand by her side when she makes bad career moves; so can she.

It’s nice to know that when you become such old news in the acting world that you can’t even find a decent job, that your twenty-something girlfriend…friend…girlfriend (concubine?)-whatever she is, will stand by your side to reassure you and the world that you are somebody.