Sun, Mar 29, 2009

After walking the ramp dolled up as a Barbie, Katrina Kaif is now delighted to be the face of Barbie dolls.

Contrary to reports about Aishwarya Rai being in negotiations with Mattel toys, it is Katrina who’s become the first Indian face to adorn Barbie dolls.

“I'd call it a fun honour. To have your face on dolls that you've played with from childhood is quite flattering,” a news agency quotes Katrina as saying. She walked the ramp as the showstopper at a special show dedicated to Barbie at the Lakme Fashion Week in Mumbai.

Come September, a new series of ‘Katrina Barbie’ in a small pink dress will reportedly hit the market.

Katrina says the most satisfying for her is the idea that she’s going to be an important part of kids’ lives.

“You can't be the face of an international doll unless kids like you. I like that. The thought that kids like me enough to make me a part of their doll collection is very gratifying,” the 24-year-old said.

But isn’t Katrina worried about getting stereotyped as a cute and bubbly girl, an image she’s been trying to get rid of?

“So much for my attempts to move to more mature level as an actor,” Katrina joked, adding, “I guess Prakash Jha's Rajniti will take care of that. But I'm very happy being the clean healthy Barbie-girl next door.”

Apart from ‘Rajniti’, Katrina’s upcoming films include New York , Blue and Ajab Prem Ki Ghazab Kahani .