Aishwarya Rai Bachchan in 1994 won the Miss World title and since then there have been numerous attempts to immortalise the Indian beauty as a Barbie doll. However due to her professional commitments she had to postpone it. At the turn of the millenium, Mattel renewed their offer to Ash but due to her prior commitments she had to decline it yet again. The turn of the millennium special edition celebrity doll was to feature Naomi Campbell as well.

Today, on the eve of the doll’s 50th anniversary, Aishwarya is still the most sought after celebrity face for Barbie. Mattel wanted the actress to walk the ramp during the ongoing Lakme Fashion Week for the Barbie dolled up show in a winning design as Single Likeness Barbie to be unveiled and auctioned for a charity of her choice.

But again due to prior commitments (filming of Vipul Shah’s Action Replay and the Padmashree ceremony) she opted out of the event as she did not want to inconvenience the producer/director.

However talks of a business venture with Aishwarya and Barbie is still in the process of being finalised. So, whether an Ash-Barbie doll will hit the shelves or not is something only time will tell.