Wed, Mar 25, 2009

The buzz in Bollywood is that a new series of Barbie dolls will be modelled and designed on actress Aishwarya Rai .

If reports are to be believed, Ash is set to join the league of Hollywood celebrities like Elizabeth Taylor, Diana Ross, Beyonce Knowles and Cher by having a series of Barbie Dolls designed on her. Celebrity Barbies are a big success in the west, though it may be a fresh concept in India.

According to grapevine, Ash and Mattel Toys (India) are in negotiating stages.

If the deal is struck, it would be the first time a Barbie inspired from an Indian actress would hit the market shelves. With her green-blue eyes, perfect face and mesmeric smile, Ash is doubtlessly the ideal choice among Indian actresses to inspire the replicas of Barbie dolls.

Meanwhile, at the upcoming Lakme Fashion Week in Mumbai, the 50 years of Barbie will be commemorated through a special ‘Barbie - All Doll’d’ up show in which designers will showcase outfits inspired by Barbie.