Wed, Mar 25, 2009

Imagine the sexiest siren of Bollywood shimmy her bare belly while her sylphlike figure sways sensuously.

Take a deep breath, folks! For Bipasha Basu ’s sexy gyrations aren’t going to happen anytime soon on the big screen. Yes, the actress is learning belly dancing nowadays, but it’s not for a movie.

She has had a long-harboured desire to learn belly dancing and when a month-long break fell into her lap unannounced (after the shoot of Lamha got postponed from March to April 20) she decided, on an impulse, to use the free time to learn new things that would help in her acting career.

So she zeroed down on three things – belly dancing, swimming and driving.

Bipasha is enrolling into a dance institute where she would learn to belly-dance. At the same time, she has already begun her driving lessons, but is still a far cry from being a deft driver behind the wheel.

And all those who concluded from her bikini act in Dhoom 2 that she could swim as good as a fish, think twice. Surprised though you may be, Bipasha doesn’t know how to swim. But she’s learning.

So the next time Bips dons bikini for a movie, we might see her not just cavorting on sandy beaches, but doing the real thing – swimming, that is.

Can’t wait, eh?