Wed, Mar 25, 2009

Commercial success is always welcome. But Preity Zinta has now reached a point in her acting career where she longs for more than that.

In an industry where growth is equated with box office success, Preity has set a new parameter for herself. She is looking out for roles that help her in personal growth and she claims her role in Deepa Mehta’s film Videsh was one such.

“I had reached the stage in my career where I felt I was stagnating. Of course, the commercial hits were raining and it was great but somewhere inside me I felt 'where is my growth'?" the actress is quoted by a news agency.
Having had her share of commercial hits in the early part of her career, Preity is now aiming at films that would remain etched in people’s memory.

“Today with commercial hits people remember you for a year or two but when I am old or dead what are the films that I will be known for? I want to have a body of work that inspires the actor inside me and helps me grow in my craft,” the actress added.

Preity has already worked in offbeat films like The Last Lear , ‘Videsh’ or Heaven on Earth and Har Pall .

Directed by Deepa Mehta , ‘Videsh’ has Preity playing a Punjabi housewife who overcomes the trauma of an abusive marriage through her spirituality and imagination.

The film hits the theatres this Friday.