Fri, Mar 20, 2009

Hold your horses and get set for the next series of Home Alone.

From our very own Bollywood, starring the dashing young Ranbir Kapoor. We present to you Home Alone Part Five.

Okay, okay, jokes apart, the fact is that Ranbir is gonna be home alone for nearly a month.

This is quite a change for this lad, who always has mommy dearest doting on him. This time his parents are shooting together in Delhi (for their comeback film as a jodi, after over two decades), and he’s been left all by himself in the big city of Mumbai. Poor boy, or is he? Umm… you wanna know of his exploits and all the action that’s happening in the Kapoor home? C’mon, we aren’t all that naughty, are we?

We did try to scoop around a bit, and all we found is goody boy at home. Yeah, he’s had a few house parties, nothing wild really, just a boys night at home kinda stuff. Well, looks like yeh maa ka laadla bigad nahin gaya! Hai na, Neetuji?