Fri, Mar 20, 2009

She is not doing any international film, but ex Miss India and actress Neha Dhupia has reportedly been approached by a leading US TV channel to act in a mini-series named ‘Bollywood Hero’.

The actress, who’s been doing art-house films like Mithya and Dasvidaniya , is trying something different again. She went to US for this tele-series audition and landed up the role opposite comedian Chris Kattan.

The line producer of Slumdog Millionaire , Tabrez Noorani, who is also involved in ‘Bollywood Hero’ production, was instrumental in getting Neha this role. Tabrez is Neha’s friend. He and Mumbai-based choreographer Longinus Fernandes are assistants in ‘Bollywood Hero’s production.

The tele-series is a comedy in three parts. The story is about a guy, played by Chris, who wants to come down to Mumbai to enter Bollywood. Neha is paired with Chris. Chris Kattan is an American comedian and became famous for his comedy show, ‘Saturday Night Live’.

Neha has confirmed the news. We hope it’s not a small role like the way she is doing nowadays. Anyway it’s better to have work than no work.