Mon, Mar 16, 2009

The foray of Bollywood actresses into IPL hasn’t prompted Kareena Kapoor to follow suit.

Preity Zinta , Shilpa Shetty and Juhi Chawla have a stake in their respective IPL teams, but Kareena isn’t itching to join the IPL bandwagon. Kareena makes no bones in admitting that she doesn’t have much business sense.

“I have no idea about business. I only know how to act. As for business, I will think about it five years later,” Bebo is quoted as saying.
Kareena is the new youth icon of India and has gone ahead to receive four awards in the last one month and the lady’s loving all the adulation.

“Who doesn’t like attention, recognition and awards?” she quips.

Kareena got environment award from Erin Brockovich, then two youth icon awards from Rotary International and Stardust, and was recently honoured by FICCI for her contribution to Indian cinema.

While Bebo’s career is going great guns, where does marriage plan to beau Saif Ali Khan stand on her priority list?

“Marriage can wait,” signs off the czarina of style.