Mon, Mar 16, 2009

Director Vipul Amrutlal Shah is ensuring that Akshay Kumar gets top luxuries while shooting his film Action Replay .

Akshay, doubtlessly one of the top stars of Hindi film industry, is being pampered by Shah nowadays. A helicopter has been arranged to help Akshay reach the shooting spot on time.

And for a 40-day shooting schedule, Akshay will get a lavish seven-bedroom bungalow sprawled over four acres of land. To top it, the bungalow has a functioning gymnasium and a swimming pool. Since Shah knows Akshay’s preferences well, he has also installed a home theatre system in case Akshay feels like catching up on movies.

Most importantly, a chef has been hired to cook special food to Akki’s liking.

‘Action Replay’ stars Aishwarya Rai opposite Akshay. The movie’s story will be told in reverse time, that is, the protagonist will grow from an old man to a younger one.