He is by far the most sought after star in Bollywood. He has been titled as Bollywood’s very own perfectionist, his new looks and get ups never fail create news and sometimes have even become trends among masses. He is none other than Aamir Khan. Here is a look at his latest Tata Sky commercial.

Aamir Khan has always been known as a versatile genius and a perfectionist at what he does, thus capturing the minds of the audience through his remarkable performances in movies and also TV commercials. Be it Lagaan, Mangal Pandey, Ghajni or Tata Sky’s commercials, with the latest one showing him as an aged Sardarji.

This actor has performed multi-faceted roles and has been highly acclaimed by critics for his outstanding performances. The reason for this acclaim is pretty evident in the above image, where Aamir not just carries off the look but gets into the skin of the character he is playing.

Interestingly, this new commercial will only be aired after his birthday.