Slumdog Millionaire is getting released internationally on Blu-ray disc with an Indian short film as the bonus package.

Oscar winning director Danny Boyle has decided to incorporate Indian short film ‘Manjha’ along with ‘Slumdog’s Blu-ray release.

‘Manjha’, directed by Rahi Anil Barve, is a 40-minute short film about a nine-year-old boy who stays with his three-year-old mentally retarded sister and earns his living by making manjha (string used for flying kites). About the short movie, Danny Boyle is quoted as saying, “I'm delighted to include Manjha on the Blu-ray DVD release of ‘Slumdog Millionaire’. Manjha is an extraordinary film. It is everything a short film should be.”

Ironically, ‘Manjha’ is not the part of Slumdog’s Blu-ray disc release in India. It is believed to be an intensely dark film that Indian audience won’t be ready to accept. So with ‘Slumdog’ making its mark on the International circuit and gearing for Blu-ray release, some other Indian film has to be chosen for the package.