Actress Tabu would glam up to play the role of a fiercely independent woman in an upcoming film.

The otherwise demure Tabu has dared to bare for some films downsouth, and now she’s set for an image makeover in Bollywood as well. If the headstrong character of a girl in love with a septuagenarian in Cheeni Kum was bold, wait to see Tabu in Seasons Greetings .

The movie has Tabu playing an ultra glamorous woman who tries to find happiness on her own after her husband abandons her.

Priyanka Chopra 's trusted designer Gaviin Miguel has been roped in to give Tabu a completely new look in the film.

Gaviin has reportedly given Tabu a number of skin-revealing outfits like gowns, mid-length dresses with low necklines and bare backs. According to the designer, “Tabu has an amazing body and carries off dresses with great élan.”

True indeed! Just recently we saw Tabu in a fetching bareback gown at Filmfare awards.

A light-hearted comedy, ‘Seasons Greetings’ is directed by Vicky Chopra and co-produced by UTV.