Oct 22|2009

Still young at heart!

Many young girls still wish their dream guys to be tall, dark and handsome just like Amitabh Bachchan. So, if you have a magical lamp which has Amitabh as a genie, what would you do?

Thus, during a press conference for the publicity of Bollywood version of classic fairytale Aladin in the capital, little did a young journo know what was coming her way? In her usual zeal she expressed her desire to Ritesh Deshmukh that if she had a magical lamp with Big B as the genie, she would rub the lamp every few seconds just to see him.

And the very next moment, Amitabh, who was in a jolly mood, asked her for a dinner date. As reported, Bachchan took the mike before Ritesh could reply and asked the journo, “Young lady what are you doing tonight? If you are free I would love to take you out for dinner.”

Left aghast with the sudden proposal, the girl started blushing with embarrassment while the press had a field day. Ritesh came to her rescue and said, “Actually, I agree with you, I felt the same urge. Who would not?”

True, but the only problem is getting one’s hands on a magic lamp!