Oct 21|2009

Hosts pyjama party!

When she started shooting for the show ‘Pati Patni Aur Woh’, Rakhi Sawant was not feeling motherhood and hated her kid because he used to cry whole night and didn’t let her sleep.

But see the sea change in the drama queen of television. Now, Rakhi has not only become fond of kids but is throwing a party for them. She recently hosted a pyjama party for all the bachchas on the show. The enthusiastic kids, in a true party mood, turned up in night clothes and pyjamas along with their celebrity parents.

Rakhi not only entertained the kids by making a Ganpati from a towel, she also showed them her dancing skills. That wasn’t all. The item girl also exhibited her culinary skills by preparing a sumptuous meal for the kids. She made French fries, French toast, noodles, strawberry milkshake and more. The kids enjoyed everything right from eating to dancing.

Not only that, Mama Rakhi taught the kids how to pray in a hip-hop style to the towel ‘Ganesha’. And what was her so-called fiancé Elesh Parujanwala doing? He became a monkey-man for the lovely kids and was jumping and hopping from here to there, all over the house.

So all ‘Pati, Patni Aur Woh’ were happy.