Oct 21|2009

Salman continues to confide in ‘Main Aur Mrs Khanna’ director!

Main Aur Mrs Khanna may have been thumbed down by both critics and audiences and its debutant director Prem Soni booed and written off, but Salman Khan, the lead star of the film, still continues to confide in the man. Even before the release of ‘Main Aur Mrs Khanna’, Prem and Salman had made an announcement of another film together.

Everyone expected that after the lavish lashing ‘Main Aur Mrs Khanna’ got from all quarters, Khan would call off the project with Soni. Lekin Salman is living up to his dialogue from Wanted: “Ek baar maine jo commitment kar di, phir main apni bhi nahin sunta”.

It’s learnt that at a small family gathering on Sunday night, Salman gave a bear hug to a devastated Prem Soni and told him that his next film with him is very much on.

While Soni is relieved that Salman hasn’t lost his trust in him, he’s still unwilling to accept that he made a shoddy film. He blames the film’s failure on poor publicity and feels that there was an attempt to write off the film from the day of its release.

Chalo! We’ll see what he makes next.