When Jermaine Jackson met Shahrukh Khan recently, he reminded him of his late pop star brother Michael Jackson.

Jermaine talking about SRK said,”He reminds me of my brother Michael. He is so kind and so nice. I think he is simply great, someone who has so much success and still is so humble.He is so kind and so nice. He deserves everything in the world”

Jermaine who is in India to shoot for a music video met SRK at a party hosted by him in his honor.

Talking about the party Jermaine said, “His party was good fun. The food was amazing and I interacted with several Bollywood stars. Priyanka Chopra is very beautiful. Shah Rukh and I are planning a holiday together when he comes down to the US.”

Jermaine adds,”I loved Devdas and I loved the house shown in the movie.I thought it actually existed and enquired about it too. Then I was told that it was actually a built-up set.”