Mumbai: Friday morning saw Amitabh Bachcan, the IIFA Brand Abassador kick start the voting weekend for the 10th International Indian Film Academy Awards or IIFA awards 2009.

Every year members from the film fraternity cast their votes, which decide the nominations for the main awards, to be held from June 11-13 of this year. And Bachchan seemed to be in a good mood as he set the IIFA ball rolling.

Bachchan said, "They have a screen, they put all the categories, then you have a thing called mouse, then you move it around and you pick your best actor or actress. It goes down the computer as a vote and then it goes to PWC and it remains secret till June when the IIFA takes place."

Currently in it's 10th year, the IIFA is an annual weekend getaway for Bollywood at an international venue which ends with an awards ceremony.

Being a heavily sponsored event, we checked whether the current global economic slowdown would affect the IIFA awards in any way.

Bachchan said, "I always like to believe that the film industry is recession free. Whenever you don't have money to buy a car or go to a mall, you go and see a cinema because you have to go out, you need to entertain yourself but that's what everyone says and to a large extent that is true, but eventually its audience choice and if the audience doesn't like a film then obviously your film doesn't run.. and if the film doesn't run then money doesn't circulate. But yes in the film industry traditionally there has been no recession in any part of the world."

Held in Bangkok last year, Poland, Shanghai, Macau and Istanbul - are currently in the running for being chosen as the venue for IIFA 2009.