Deepika Padukone’s former beau Nihar Pandya seems to be still stuck on DP, and looks like he is not ready to move on. It is heard that Nihar is planning to do a film based on his love story with Deepika.

Not just acting alone, if buzz is to be believed, Nihar is also providing his director Prashant Chaddha with various inputs on the relationship.

Nihar also told a tabloid, “During all these years since it ended I’ve never spoken about it…The entertainment industry knows Deepika’s side of the truth. I want mine to be known too.”

Rumors also has it that Nihar Pandya’s decision on showcasing his love story and heartbreak with Deepy came into existence, only after watching Ranbir Kapoor’s film Rockstar.

However, Nihar says that he will make it a point not to show Deepika Padukone in negative light.