At the shoot of Don2, in Berlin, Shahrukh Khan was asked to jump off from a height of 300 feet from the top of the Park Inn Hotel. Unable to respond to this demand immediately, SRK literally froze.

As a source is quoted as saying about the incident, “When Farhan asked Shahrukh to jump, his first impulse was to say no. Then Shahrukh asked Farhan to take the plunge first, hoping that Farhan would chicken out. To Shahrukh’s surprise, Farhan jumped, leaving Shahrukh with no choice but to do the same.”

Shahrukh finally agreed to do the stunt. However, two people weren’t able to digest the fact that Farhan already performed the stunt and Shahrukh was yet to do such a daring thing. Well, we are talking about Farhan Akhtar’s hairstylist wife Adhuna Akhtar and SRK’s wife Gauri Khan.

Bothe the wives got together and were frowing upon their husbands’ acts.

The scene needed Shahrukh to be horizontally parallel to the ground.