Sep 30|2009

Amazing camaraderie!

He has touched many lives with his benevolent ways, helping many small time actors by taking them under his wing; Salman Khan is famous for his generosity and expensive gifts.

This time, however, his generosity had a different expression. It’s not common for Salman to pamper actresses and pay their hefty shopping bills, that too when she is not Katrina Kaif, his girl friend. It was for Bebo, Salman’s good friend and also co-star of his movie Main Aur Mrs Khanna, that the moody Khan loosened his purse strings.

When the unit of ‘Main Aur Mrs Khanna’ was shooting in Melbourne, the shopaholic Kareena used to end her day with shopping. But one fine day when Bebo wrapped up her shopping and went to pay the bill, she was left awestruck as her bill was already paid by Salman. In fact, according to sources, he even helped Kareena in carrying bags.

Not just that, Sallu gifted her a Rs 2.5 lakh worth limited edition handbag which can be seen in the movie, swinging on Bebo’s arm. About the incident, Bebo is quoted as saying, “Salman’s generosity cannot be matched. It was a very sweet gesture on his part. He is a wonderful person at heart.”

Having a good co-star pays off well!