Sep 29|2009

From one Khan to another

Dream merchants in Bollywood are working overtime to whip out the most sensational casting coup in years. Efforts are on to pair up Katrina Kaif with none other than Shahrukh Khan for a film.

Yashraj Films have reportedly been trying to rope in Kat with their blue-eyed-no-longer-boy SRK. Now Karan Johar has joined the queue.

Speaking to a news channel, K-Jo said that Shahrukh and Katrina are the actors with the most romantic image in Hindi film industry presently. When quizzed if he wants to cast them together in a film, Johar, the enterprising producer that he is, did not rule out the possibility.

If indeed the efforts of these filmmakers come to fruition, we might see Katrina and Shahrukh romancing each other on screen sooner than expected. The on-screen match is now all the more possible, because Salman Khan, Katrina’s beau, has made it clear that he has absolutely no objection to Katrina working with anyone “except one idiot” (Sallu clarified he’s not SRK) in the industry.

So the door is open. All that the filmmakers have to do is come up with the right script that brings SRK and Kat together. For Sallu surely won’t be fuming.