Sep 29|2009

A stitch in time saves nine for the pretty belle!

Katrina Kaif was saved from embarassement at an award function on Sunday when the dress she wore tore up just minutes before she was to go on stage.

Decked up in her favourite red gown, Katrina was to receive the ‘Woman of the Year’ award and was waiting backstage for her name to be announced. Just then a friend of her’s stepped on her gown and it tore right up to Katrina’s thighs.

Katrina was shocked and she panicked because the clock was ticking for her to appear on stage. She told her friend to get a needle and thread quick to sew up the torn gown. But the friend was so nervous that she sewed up the gown very badly. Showing her presence of mind, Katrina then called on designer Anaita Shroff to help her. Anahita had done Kat’s styling for the event.

Like a true professional, Anaita sewed the torn part of the gown within minutes.

“Anaita asked me to stay calm and within five minutes stitched it up so finely that I couldn't see the tear,” Katrina is quoted as saying.

The dress was mended just in the nick of time. Katrina’s name was announced just after that and the lady walked on the stage to receive the award.