Bipasha’s enjoyement for Durga Puja went down the drain when a stranger groped her breasts during a Durga Puja event.

The Bengali beauty was at a Durga Puja event at North Bombay Sarvojonin in Santacruz, in the commotion a scumbag came near her and groped her breasts.

A source says, “Bipasha and John came together for the Durga Puja in the evening and Bipasha was very excited as has always been part of Durga Pujas in Mumbai over the years. Just after the darshan, she was near the stage when someone pervert groped her breasts. Bipasha, of course, was taken aback and flew into a fit of rage. People around her tried to calm her down. John too was present there and he whisked her away to calm her down. She even wanted to lodge a police complaint. However, she had second thoughts. As for the sick man, he quietly and promptly ran away, taking advantage of the commotion.”

Such perverts should be bashed and given a strict punishment, so that others don’t dare to do the same.