Actress Sonal Chauhan is set to shoot a song for her debut Kannada film at seven wonders of the world.

The Jannat girl, along with co-star Shivrajkumar, will be trotting around the globe to shoot the special number for her Kannada film ‘Cheluvine Ninna Nodalu’.

The movie has Shivrajkumar playing a tourist guide who takes Sonal on a tour through seven new wonders of the world, including Taj Mahal in Agra. The shooting of the song will take Sonal and her co-star to China, Jordan, Italy, Brazil, Peru and Mexico.
Needless to say, the song would cost the producers heavily. Recently, a climax song of ‘Cheluvine Ninna Nodalu’ was shot on the film’s leading cast and a troupe of Russian ballet dancers. The song cost Rs. 60 lakhs.

The song at the seven wonders of the world will be shot from March onwards.

‘Cheluvine Ninna Nodalu’ is written and directed by Raghuram. The film has music by V. Harikrishna.


Here’s the list of the new seven wonders of the world declared in 2007.

Taj Mahal – India
The Great Wall of China
Petra – Jordan
Christ, the Redeemer – Brazil
Chichen Itza – Mexico
Colosseum – Italy
Machu Picchu – Peru