Julia Roberts is more welcoming and down to earth than our very own Aishwarya Rai, according to reporters who went down to their hotel to take their photos.
The India Youth Icon awards were held recently at a hotel, where incidentally Julia Roberts is staying with her kids, so when Aishwarya,Priyanka and Deepika arrived with their bodyguards – eight each, Julia freely lingered near the lounge without any security.

A source says, “She had breakfast in the restaurant, was spotted in the lobby with her kids and spent some time in the spa too.”

When the reporters went to Aishwarya’s floor, the security personnel asked them to immediately take a leave.

A security personnel said, “There are no celeb tantrums with Julia. She goes down for breakfast with her family. She’s a genuine star, the kind rare to find.”

Another source says, “Julia is Indian at heart when it comes to raising her children. She’s in the hotel just for her kids and she spends each minute with them. She’s either feeding them or taking them for walks, she’s involved with them. I’ve not seen a lot of stars doing that. Their children are generally the nanny’s responsibility – but in Julia’s case, even though her kids have nannies, when she’s around, she does everything herself, just like we all do.”

No wonder we call you Pretty Woman Julia, you not only have a pretty face but you have a pretty heart too. Go girl Go!