Sep 25|2009

I am the master of the house!

Ours is not a matriarchal society but who can stop free-spirited Rakhi Sawant by making her own set of rules. Rakhi has made ten rules for the people who are visiting her villa, where she is staying with her fiancé Elesh Parujanwala.

A villa in Goa which is actually serving the purpose of the set where the small screen ‘it’ couple are living while shooting ‘Pati Patni Aur Woh’. At the entrance to their abode, as reported, one can see there is a board which read, “Please remove your shoes”.

So, after removing your shoes and entering Rakhi’s household, a visitor can see a sheet of paper with various rules written on it that are followed by Rakhi and also Elesh. After all, she is the master of the house.

The list of rules as listed by an agency are - no pets allowed, no negative conversations, pray before morning and evening meals, respect each other, keep (the) house clean, make beds in the morning, house chores to be shared, respect guests in the house and no abusing, smoking or alcohol.

Quite the demanding diva!