Not being able to meet his favorite actress Katrina Kaif drove a 24-year old man to supposedly perform suicide.
The man who went by the name Motilal was part of a hefty crowd that had gathered at the location of the shooting for Katrina's upcoming movie 'Rajneeti.'

When he was deprived of authorization to meet Katrina he jumped into a close by lake and killed himself. No suicide letter was found. But, witnesses heard him shout Katrina's first name while taking the terminal plunge.

[Katrina claims she heard something had happened but was not going to get into it as it is a police issue. She is still quite confused as to why he would kill himself]

Katrina then stated that she loves attention. But, it gets creepy when fans take it too far. Especially, when some of the men from her male fan-following take it beyond limits.