The Academy Award for the best documentary film was won by Smile Pinki. The film won the hearts of the Oscar Jury. This film also has a base in the Indian villages; the subject looked into carefully by the American filmmaker Megan Mylan, which won the Best Short Documentary Award at the Oscars.

Pinki is the village girl who gets back her smile and a normal life after years of suffering from cleft and finally changes for good when she undergoes a surgery. Pinki, was present at the Event and she with her father did smile the happiest.

Perhaps this post is quite out of the way here for this is the column for well dressed beautiful divas smiling happily and those who even have the capacity to change their smiles by going under the knife as per their whims. Pinki had to suffer with the cleft for eight long years for a 45 minutes surgery.

Yet, I chose to include this here as I feel this short film was a tribute to all Pinkis who dare to smile in life because some people help them to.