Ranbir Kapoor has made a confession; he never dated Katrina Kaif. Yes, the actor has cleared the rumour which happened to be the hottest talk of Bollywood not so long back.

Ranbir was all talks and no nonsense when he gave this interview to a TV channel, and used the opportunity to clean his image. When asked if he is irritated with the media, the Kapoor lad said, ďI really get hurt when every day, you link me with a new girl. I am not saying every story you publish is wrong, but some are. Donít spoil oneís image, yaar!Ē

In fact, Ranbir even requested the media to get the facts right instead of relying on sources. His link-up stories has affected his parentsí peace of mind too.

And then came the big question, has he broken up with Katrina Kaif?

Ranbir said he and Kat have never dated each other. Thus, the question of breaking up with Katrina doesnít even arise. The actor further added that he is so scared of the media that he doesnít even go out with any of his friends for lunch or dinner as he again might get linked with someone.

Currently he is working with Priyanka Chopra in Anurag Basuís comedy film Burfi. But as per reports, isnít he miffed with Priyanka? Ranbir scotches this rumour too and says how he can be upset with PC who is one of the most beautiful women in the film industry.

Poor guy! He is so wary of his image.