For starters, let us inform you Koena Mitra was scouting for work in LA, chasing her Hollywood dreams. Now continuing further, her first Hollywood film is Story of Naomi and in this movie she is reportedly playing a bisexual girl.

Michael Hirshenson of the When Harry Met Sally fame is producing the film and explains why Koena was chosen for the film. While talking to a tabloid, Hirshenson says, “She looks international and her discipline and hard work can take her places. It all depends on how much she’s ready to learn.”

Koena will be seen in a challenging role of a girl who is attracted to a man as well as a girl in the film which is directed by the ace fashion photographer Ash Gupta. Koena shifted her base to LA last year and also had a milkshake named after her at Millions of Milkshake.

The model-turned-actress had to put a lot of effort, and that is the reason why it took her so long to get a Hollywood project. Koena says that she has to work on her accent and was taking classes for it as the West puts more stress on dubbing and other technicalities.

Koena’s The Story Of Naomi features actor Kevin Sorbo and Chris Devicchio.

The first poster of the film shows Koena getting intimate with another girl.