Bipasha Basu is eyeing international fame with director Roland Joffe’s film Singularity, starring Josh Hartnett opposite her.

In the movie set in pre-independence India, Bipasha plays a Maratha warrior. Hartnett plays a Brit solider.

Talking about the film, Bipasha tells a news agency: “It is beautiful and the crux of the movie is a love story. There is romance in each frame and at the same time my character is very fiery and brave. Hartnett and I have an amazing chemistry.”

Singularity is set in two time periods. One tale is set against the backdrop of the first Anglo-Maratha war. It’s a love story between a Brit solder and a Maratha warrior Tulaja (Bipasha). The second one is a contemporary tale about an American marine biologist and his wife.

Talking about her experience of working with director Roland Joffe -- known for his Oscar nominated films like ‘The Killing Fields’ and ‘The Mission’ -- Bipasha said: “It has been a new experience. I am honoured to work with him (Joffe) and I feel it is a step forward for me.”

Singularity has been shot in India, Belgium and Australia. It is slated to release this year only.