Every time India played a crucial match, Amitabh Bachchan and his family used to stay away from their TV sets, and nobody would watch the match because of the superstition that doing so would result in India’s loss. But not any more. After India’s brilliant win over Sri Lanka in the World Cup final match, Big B’s cricket superstition has gone for a toss.

When millions of cricket fans were glued to their TV sets watching India’s journey to triumphant victory over Sri Lanka, how could the Bachchan parivar not switch on TV and watch the wonderful match. At their heart’s behest they did watch the match. Amitabh wrote on his blog on Sunday night, “Yesterday (Saturday), that age old superstitious finicky belief, that if I were to watch a game it would result disfavourably for us, broken and shattered for good I would imagine.”

Abhishek Bachchan too confirmed this and expressed how superstitious they were for not watching India’s match, fearing a defeat.

"Yes, I did not see the India-Pakistan (match), I did not see the India-Australia (match), and for most of the time resisted this final too. But I have no idea what prompted me to switch (to) the game on after we were 33 for 2 (sic) and tottering. And when Dhoni smacked that six for victory, it smacked my superstition too out of my life,” Amitabh adds further on his blog.

Later, after the match, Amitabh with Abhi and Aishwarya took to the Mumbai roads in their cars to celebrate India’s World Cup victory. Catch the pic above.