Deepika Padukone was in the news a few months ago for buying a new home in Prabhadevi, Central Mumbai valued at around Rs 16 crore.

Most of her contemporaries live in homes that cost much less. One of the reasons for the steep cost is the flat's location. Deepika is the only actress of her generation to have an address in mid-town, where a house costs much more than in Bandra or Juhu, where most of the actors reside.

Although it was being speculated that her beau, industrialist Vijay Mallya's son Sidhartha, paid for the apartment, it is learnt that Deepika has gone through the proper channel of taking a bank loan, etc. and everything is upfront. Her 26th floor flat in Beau Monde Towers, a complex with three residential skyscrapers, is in the joint names of her sportsman father Prakash Padukone and her own. An apartment in the 33-storey tower comes with a terrace, four-bedooms, three parking lots, tennis and badminton courts and ad-measures approximately 2800 sq feet.

Ever since she bought this flat, several people have shown keen interest in picking up a flat in the building, even at higher prices. Says a builder, "When celebrities purchase a flat in a building/neighbourhood, there is a practice to pitch other flats for exaggerated prices."

How the other girls fare
Kareena Kapoor: Has two huge homes in Khar for her mother and herself, a massive office space in Bandra and another flat nearby.

Katrina Kaif: Lives in a modest flat in Bandra and owns property in London. She is now looking for a bigger and more plush address in Mumbai.

Priyanka Chopra : Reportedly has eight to nine flats in Mumbai, a fact that was highlighted during the recent Income Tax raids.

Collectively Bebo/Kat/PC's properties could be valued at more than Deepika's. But Deepika's new home is her pride and their envy at the moment.

Where the Don lives
Among the men, the best and the most expensive address in Mumbai belongs to the Bollywood Badshah Shah Rukh Khan. Mannat, the bungalow, is heritage property and invaluable. Its seaview can take anyone's breath away. The Mannat Annexe that stands right behind the bungalow is a modern edifice with a theatre, a library, the best gymnasium and also gaming facilities for the Khan kids.