Bollywood star Salman Khan is not at all comfortable with his brother in law Malaika Arora. Malaika Arora khan married Salman Khan’s younger brother arbaaz khan and is still continuing her stint in the bollywood film industry., she is seen displaying her skin, in public events and private parties and is a item bomb in the bollywood film industry.

On TV, Malaika Arora khan is said to be wearing the skimpy outfits, which will make any family member embarrassed while watching her on television, with elders. These all factors are said to be making Salman Khan a bit worried and uncomfortable. Salman Khan has indirectly warned Malaika Arora to change her dressing style and also has asked her to quit films, or take up a reformed path. But Malaika Arora, is supported by her broad minded husband Arbaaz khan and so never cares about her brother in law Salman Khan words.

It is a fact that Sallu Bhai always wants to dictate terms in public and media. But if his own saali, stops listening to him, then what value does he have in media or in his near and dear is said to be haunting him.

It is a fact that Salman Khan is also not comfortable with Malaika arora’s younger sister Amrita Arora. When Malaika arora’s mom Joyce was questioned with same issue by news sources mid day news, she admitted that Salman Khan is always away from the events and parties organized by her for a reason. Although she did not disclose the reason, she hints that he is not comfortable with her or her two daughters, from the beginning of marriage.

Joyce is always bothered about her son in law Arbaaz and so never keeps Salman Khan’s allergic problems with Malaika Arora and Amrita Arora