Who can claim to be a bigger star in India than Shah Rukh Khan? This Khan has changed all the rules of Bollywood when he came and conquered it without any pedigree to boast of. King Khan in a recent interview got candid and revealed the man behind the stardom. It does not really matter for Shah Rukh to be on the top because he came from such a humble background and has seen so many ups and downs in his life. Recollecting some of the memorable incidents in his life he spoke of a boy who climbed the 10 storey in his Bandra flat just to have a glimpse of him. He also rues the fact no body in his whole life has written him a love letter in blood and also how some people gathered to see him sleeping when he was shooting in Malaysia. Indeed in his 20 years in business nobody has influenced the film industry as he has. All hail King Shah Rukh!