A celebrity that thrives on shock value, American singer Lady Gaga is doing what she does best to promote her upcoming album ‘Born This Way’.

The singer and songstress has posted an image her herself on her Twitter page. In the image, Gaga is looking shockingly emaciated, an effect created by the use of prosthetic cheek bones, painted eyebrows, and kohled eyelashes.

The altered appearance of the shock-pop star is to promote her new album Born This Way, coming out on May 23 this year.

Gaga’s fascination for make-up is so deep that she even goes to bed with her make-up on. Recently, she told People magazine that her blonde hair are falling out due to too much exposure to bleach and dye.

The ‘Bad Romance’ star said: “[I had to] get a chemical haircut because my blonde hair is falling out.”