Hrithik Roshan had an unpleasant experience on Sunday evening when he went to Yash Chopra’s bungalow in Juhu.

After the meeting with the veteran director when Hrithik was leaving back for his home, his car was reportedly surrounded by three beggars. When Hrithik’s driver slowed down but did not fully stop, one of the beggars threw himself before the car and began screaming that he’d been badly hurt.

However, the driver sensed something tricky. He drove Hrithik away to home. But Hrithik was concerned. He sent the driver back to the spot with money and instruction to take the beggar to a hospital if he’s indeed injured.

But what did the driver discover when he reached the spot?

He found that the beggar was perfectly all right and that he was faking an injury to get Hrithik out of the car. Must say he almost succeeded in fooling the actor, though Hrithik’s good natured concern makes the beggar look like the real fool.