It's the kind of thing that'd demand your attention at first glance. And then the realisation sets in. That possibly couldn't be Vidya Balan in a Black Bikini on the cover of a Men's magazine.

The No One Killed Jessica actress is the latest to fall prey to being photoshopped online. The picture you see alongside is doing the rounds of the internet is a doctored one.

There are quite a few loopholes that give the hoax away.

For one, Vidya hasn't been in town for some time now and is out of the country. Two, those close to the actress have denied that she ever did such a photoshoot.

Three, the magazine in question deny that the actress is on any cover of theirs so far. Lastly, and most importantly, it's marked as an 'Annual 2011" issue. Interesting, given that the year has only just begun.