Once Upon A Time in Mumbai is a film inspired by the controversial life of Dawood Ibrahim. Ekta Kapoor has found her Dawood, in Akshay Kumar, but is now faced with the challenge of finding an actress, for the character Mandakini, who was allegedly involved with Dawood.

In part one of Once Upon A Time in Mumbai, Amy Kingston’s resemblance to Mandakini, won her the role, as a one-night partner of Dawood, played by Emraan Hashmi.

A source close to the film tells us, “The second part of Once Upon A Time In Mumbai is going to be on a much bigger canvas and hence Balaji is looking at a top actress to play the female lead. It would be either Kareena or Vidya.
Mandakini’s character needs an actress who can emote very strongly. Kareena and Vidya best fit the bill.”