Feb 3|2011

There was news about not all being well between Arshad Warsi and wife Maria Goretti.

However, after the marital problems have been ironed out, the man has miffed off his wife again. But this time, the issue, we hear, is less serious.

Arshad bought himself a Harley Davidson, recently. But it's a one-seater. When we got in touch with the beautiful couple, they told us, "It's a retro-bike. And has just one seat!" Now that's a cause of concern for Maria. "I obviously want a ride on it. What purpose does it serve? Either I keep this for myself, or Arshad buys me another one!" she protests.

To this Arshad, wittily says, "I've ordered the other seat, baby! It's on its way from the US. Now, of course, if it gets lost in transit it's another story altogether." Maria and Arshad had a good laugh at this.

Well, touch wood this handsome couple nowadays has reason enough to laugh and make merry. We wish them life's best ride.